High-resolution global raster climate data related to evapo-transpiration processes and rainfall deficit for potential vegetative growth. The Global-PET and Global-Aridity are both modeled using the data available from WorldClim Global Climate Data (http://WorldClim.org). 


Citation and attribution: 

  1. Zomer RJ, Trabucco A, Bossio DA, van Straaten O, Verchot LV, 2008. Climate Change Mitigation: A Spatial Analysis of Global Land Suitability for Clean Development Mechanism Afforestation and Reforestation. Agric. Ecosystems and Envir. 126: 67-80.
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Full description: See http://www.cgiar-csi.org/data/global-aridity-and-pet-database

Includes: 2 variables at 1 resolution

  • Global annual aridity
  • Global annual potential evapo-transpiration (PET)

  • 30 arcmin