The Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory brings together real-world data from trusted providers with peer-reviewed scientific analysis tools to facilitate the investigation of climate impacts on the world's biodiversity. This article will inform you about the procedures we have in place to ensure the quality of BCCVL models. Check our Attribution page for more information on how to appropriately cite the data and tools you have used in a model, and our Legal page for our Terms of Use and data agreements.

Scientific decision-making processes

The development and implementation of expansions to current experiments and new features in the BCCVL is overseen by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). The purpose of the SAC is to verify the efficacy and scientific robustness of the BCCVL, and its focus applies to both the users as well as the underlying systems of the BCCVL. Members of the SAC are scientists from universities across Australia with expertise in a variety of domains including data science, statistics, ecological and climate change modelling. The SAC meets monthly to discuss the utility of the current system and services, potential issues that may impede the effectiveness of the BCCVL, and opportunities to broaden the use and uptake of the BCCVL. It is a key principle of the BCCVL that all features are developed based on established and peer-reviewed methods.